Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What influence positive attitude has in your job?

Influence of positive attitude in your job is the topic on the ‘Thought for the day’ blog today. Yesterday, I discussed about importance of attitude at work and which attitudes are necessary in order to be successful at work and have satisfaction from what you are doing. I intentionally did not include the aspect of positive attitude, because I wanted to take it as a separate topic. I am convinced that the only way for you to succeed at your job (as anywhere else) is to retain a positive attitude towards your work.

Positive attitude at work increases your energy and willingness to work

If you feel lack of energy and willingness to work I would recommend you checking whether you still expect to see success at work. When people lose faith in what they do, their productivity decreases and work performance gets from worse to pitiful. You know that most people don’t do certain things just because they do not believe that they can succeed in those things. However, when you start seeing that success is possible your energy and willingness to work increases. I saw it very many times. We have recently started a blog with a few friends of mine. One had inspiration just for a few weeks and then lost hope that we are going to be on the first place of search engines. So, his willingness to write articles decreased a lot. However, when he saw how our blog crawled to the third page of Google he started writing articles like crazy and telling us that he believes in what we do. I hope you can see how important your positive attitude is. 

Positive attitude increases your motivation

This point is a bit connected to the first one. However, motivation is much more important as you need it all the time. The result which you expect to achieve motivates you. But you need to believe, that you are going to achieve. You need support and positive attitude from others to stay motivated. Nothing brings down your motivation more than negative talk from those around and especially people whom you love. If they do not believe in you, the only chance for you to keep moving forward and retaining your motivation is to believe in yourself. 

Positive attitude helps you to relax at work

In the world where the pace is extremely fast people feel terrible stress on their shoulders. People are pushed by their employees to work harder, faster, even extra hours. You need to arm yourself with a positive attitude to reduce the stress and continue working productively. We should remember that we put stress upon ourselves by reacting to this or that situation in a particular way. If we experience pressure from outside it does not mean we have to get nervous and put ourselves under stress. We can smile everything off. Sounds pretty banal, but it is very true. Most people consider themselves normal and they live in a stress, those that smile things off seem weird, but they live stress free lives. You choose how you want to live.

That much about influence of positive attitude at work! If you want to read more about positive attitude I would advise you to read my two recent posts:

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