Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Inspirational and deep thoughts on life

We live on the planet earth only once and it is very important what kind of life we lead, choices we make, relationships we form and goals that we have. None of us wants (at the end of life) to regret the direction that we have taken in life and the time that has been wasted. The Bible says that all of us will have to stand before God and give account of how we lived our lives. He gives us our lives and He takes them back. It does not mean that He is cruel or something. There would have never been death if the first people hadn’t sinned. However, we have what we have now and He is a loving Father as well as a Judge. I believe we have to look at certain questions that will help us to find inspiration to live our lives worthily. 

Use your talents to help others and for His glory

Everybody of us has been given certain talents. None of us came to this planet “empty handed”. The gifts that we have will, of course, help us to make a living, but they should also help others to achieve their potential and encourage them when they are down or on the verge of losing hope. 

Live a life of purpose

Find a purpose of your life and live it. If you don’t have a goal in life you will probably waste your life, for a life without a purpose is aimless drifting in the sea of existence. And you are not called to exist.

Make plans

When you know what you want and have a purpose it is time to start planning how you are going to achieve it. Sitting and expecting for your dream of time just to come true is simply wishful thinking and a waste of time.  

Take actions

Plan is no good if you do not follow it. Decide how much time you are going to spend each month, week and day to do specific works to implement your plan. 

Prepare for a change

If you expect progress and success in life you have to be ready for a change. Our fixed attitudes are most often the biggest obstacles to materialization of our dreams. When we see that something (which we imagined is very good) does not work we must be willing to let our old way of thinking go and adopt new thoughts that will ultimately brings us to where we expect to get. 

Concentrate on long term results

Life is not a sprint. It is a pretty long journey and you need certain qualities to persevere on the road or you will lose. 

Distinguish between priorities and secondary things

Most people spend a lot of time on non important things and then they do not have enough time to set for their priorities. This shows that either they are mixed up in what they want or they are lazy to do the things they know should be doing. That’s the problem of most humans. They do everything except the most necessary things. 

Build self discipline

Taking action and being disciplined in doing that is one of the most important elements for moving forward towards your dreams and goals in life. There are multitudes of people who think that discipline will steal away their freedom. As a matter of fact, it is the other way round. If you prefer to follow your little passions and small daily desires, you are a slave to those. And if you are able to control them and discipline yourself having a purpose of pursuing something bigger, you are a free person. 

Have a positive attitude

I have written more on this subject than on anything else. Optimism will keep you going when things are tough and help you to pick yourself up when you fail. It will also help you to overcome negative feelings and pessimism coming from outside (other people opinions, mistakes, failures, bad circumstances and etc.). If you are observant you will clearly see that there are better days in life than bad ones. Pessimists simply do not notice that, because they mostly concentrate on negative things in life.

Be grateful for what you have

Ingratitude closes people’s hearts towards you. It also reveals whether you are an optimist or a pessimist. Since pessimists concentrate on the dark side of life, they tend not to notice the good that is there and therefore fail to thank God and people for the good that the latter have done to them. As they concentrate on the negative they fail to see the upcoming opportunities and often miss them. 

I believe that all of us were created equal in the presence of God and each of us has enough opportunities to become a success in life. There are a number of steps that we have to follow. I hope my thoughts on life helped you figure those out.

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