Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Positive thoughts training

Positive thoughts training is the topic on the ‘Thought for the day’ blog today. It might sound a little weird, but you really can train your thoughts to be positive. It sounds very funny. But it is also very true. Thoughts are not like cats that walk wherever they want to walk. You can stop the momentum of your thoughts and direct them elsewhere. Direction of the thoughts in your head depends on your willingness and power to control that direction. It is not something beyond our powers to achieve. We simply haven’t been told how to control our thoughts. That is why it seems so difficult for most of us. Let me give you a few points that would help you to train your positive thoughts. 

Get rid of repetitive failure mentality

So many people think that if they failed once, they are doomed to fail again and again. Some even think that they will never succeed. So they always expect to fail. You have to admit that this way of thinking is false and get rid of it as fast as you can by telling yourself that you will succeed. In fact, if you think more carefully you will remember times when you were really successful and that means that you can be successful again. So, reverse a repetitive failure mentality with a repetitive success mentality. Expect to win. 

Start searching for something good in every situation

When something happens we do our own analysis and conclusions about things that happened. I encourage you to search for something good in every situation. This will free up positive thoughts in you and help you to think positively. Just this method is enough for you to experience the power of positive thinking. 

Stop trusting your feelings

We depend too much on our feelings. Although feelings are very important, they are not to be trusted, especially negative ones. Feelings change very often and you cannot take them as a source for stability in your life. Very often you do not even know why you feel that way or this way. So, trust what you believe and be led by that. Of course, you have to check whether your beliefs are right or wrong. 

Get rid of all guilt

Guilt stops us from moving forward in life like nothing else does. It is a heavy burden on our shoulders and we cannot think positively if we still feel guilty for something that was in our past. Past is dead, future is not there yet, what we have is an everlasting now. So, live now. Leave all your past behind. Ask God for forgiveness if you feel guilty about something. Then be sure, that He has forgiven you and live guilt free. 

These were just some of the thoughts that I wanted to share with you, which could help you to train your positive thoughts and develop a positive attitude in life. Hope you enjoyed it.

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