Sunday, March 20, 2011

Attitude for 20th of March 2011

To everyone is given a key to heaven; the same key opens the gates of hell” ancient proverb. 

The same key to heaven and hell? What could that be? I hope you have guessed the answer. The thing is your attitude. I write so much on the topic in the blog, but I do believe that it is not enough and I will not quit doing that. I do not want to be primitive but your single choice today can cost you your life or can save your life. I heard a story on the news a few days ago how a Japanese family, husband and wife came back home to take the things and run away from tsunami. Wife was carried away by the wave and got killed and the man managed to climb on the roof of the house and was later saved. 

Tragedies and these kind of choices do not happen every day in your life. However, your general attitude towards life can make your life a Garden of Eden or a valley of hell. If you get angry about the smallest problem in life, what kind of life you are having? Not very nice I suppose. What if you choose to smile those situations off? You will survive any crisis or problem and develop a strong and beautiful character. You are given a key. Open the doors of heaven with it. And stay away from the doors that lead you to hell. God bless you!

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