Monday, February 28, 2011

Attitude at work

Attitude at work is the topic of this post on “Thought for the day” blog today. If you have read my post on attitude you should see by now how important our attitude is in any sphere of life. Since we spend around one third of our day at work, attitude towards our jobs and at work is extremely important. Most people fail in their businesses and at their jobs because they have a wrong attitude towards their work. If you really want to be successful at work, you should have an appropriate attitude towards what you do for a living.

Putting your whole heart to what you do

A lot of people live mediocre lives. They work, because they have to, not because they like what they are doing. You cannot perform any task well if you do not put your whole heart into it. And you cannot put your whole heart into it if you do not like it. I am surprised by seeing so many people just merely living for survival. They have found some safe comfort zone in what they do and they can bear that. They do not like what they are doing, but it is not that bad that they could not bear it. That is a very bad thing. It reduces your productivity at work and it destroys you as a personality. If you cannot create and enjoy what you create at your work, you will never be happy with your job. Never!

Do the job of your dreams

I encourage you to choose the job of your dreams. This is another point which you cannot neglect if you want to be productive, successful and feel satisfaction at work. It takes time to find what you want in life, but you have to do it. Being somebody that you are not is one of the biggest obstacles to find pleasure at what you do. So, start dreaming and when you know what you want, then put all your efforts to achieve that. 

Strive for perfection

This type of attitude is very similar to the one I mentioned talking about putting all of your heart to work. However, this one implies much more. It is not just doing your job well, but searching for opportunities to be more creative, innovative and the best in your field. When you do this you grow immensely in your field and expand. This is how you being honest can climb up the ladder of career without stepping over other people heads. Perfection should be your ultimate goal at work. It does not mean you will ever achieve it. However, only having the target you can keep moving towards it and see positive progress.

So much about attitude at work for the time being! I encourage you to read motivational books in order to see changes at your job and business. You have to progress, otherwise you will regress. Your attitude is the key to moving forward and the progress that you long for. 

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