Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Attitude for 22nd of March 2011

Keep a tree green in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come” Chinese proverb.

Most people have an attitude for their future which could be defined in the following words:”Expect for the best and wait for the worst”. I do not support this kind of attitude. I expect and wait for the best and I am ready only for the best. I know that even having a very positive attitude I am experiencing quite a few bad things in life, but I also know that all of them are going to turn good. Even the bad things that you see in your life can turn for the good. 

Your expectation for the good in the future works as a magnet that starts attracting the things that you expect in your life. Faith, hope and love should be your best friends. You will wither without hope. Hope connects you with your future. What do you hope for? If nothing, I do not think you will move to something great and a ‘singing bird’ will not come to you. Dream a little bit. Spend time for visualizing your future. Try to see good things that are in store for you. It will change you from inside. One reason why people are angry is that they do not see any hope for the future. Give them hope and they will never be angry again. So, embrace hope and it will bring wonderful future for you.

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