Friday, March 18, 2011

Attitude for 18th of March 2011

I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet” ancient Persian saying. 

Do you think you are unlucky? Do you think the life or God is not treating you fairly? Do you think you are a failure, because you do not have this thing, that thing and the one that your neighbor has? Some important questions to think about, isn’t it? Unfortunately, I see so many people that are unhappy for all possible ‘pathetic’ reasons. When it comes to happiness we often think what we don’t have and always forget what we do have. People are unhappy because they do not have things and they forget that there are so many other ‘things’ that they have such as: friends, family, health, freedom and etc. 

What if you lost those? Some people did and they are really unhappy now and struggle to find reasons to be happy. So, what do you focus on: things that you do not have, or things that you do have? Which attitude makes you happy and which one makes you unhappy? I bet you can answer the question. If we really want to be happy we have to switch our focus from ‘don’t have’ to ‘have’. And don’t look at what other people have and you don’t. Try to see what you have and they don’t. This will help you to see the world and your life differently. 

I hope this post helped you to see that things aren’t the source of your happiness. Never forget that. Read my previous posts:


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