Sunday, March 6, 2011

Positive attitude and relationships

Positive attitude and relationships are the topic on ‘Thought for the day’ blog today. Positivism is very important in our daily relationships. It is so difficult to be around a person if he or she is always complaining, shares only negative things and sees nothing bright in the future. It naturally destroys relationship. I believe that some people had many more friends if they changed their attitude from negative to positive. If you have a negative attitude it turns to creep into all spheres of life, including relationships. The same can be said about positive attitude. If you have it, it will become an integral part of your relationships, sooner rather than later. 

Before people change their attitude towards you, you have to change your attitude towards yourself

I guess some people wonder why they are not respected, valued and so few people want to be around them. There could be many answers to this question. One, which can be applied in many cases, is that these people have very low self esteem and very poor self image. If they expect dignity from other people towards them, they have to see themselves as valuable, important and nice people. If you belittle yourself, condemn for your past, ridicule for lack of talent, do not wonder that other people will look at you in the same way. They will catch your attitude subconsciously and look at you with your own eyes, the same glasses you look at yourself. So, change the way you look at you and more people will value you and want to socialize with you. 

Stop talking yourself down

Start thinking more positively about yourself is the first step. Quitting talking negative stuff about you is another. Do not view your failures as something that you could blame and beat yourself for. View them as a way to progress towards perfection. Try saying something nice to yourself and watch how you change and people reaction towards you changes.

This was just a short post, but I hope it helped you just a little bit to see how your positive attitude can affect your relationships.

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