Thursday, March 24, 2011

Attitude for 24th of March 2011

There are as many occasions in life as we choose to celebrate” by Robert Brault.

People have special occasions that they celebrate. Most of us celebrate our birthdays. Nations have their own specific celebrations. These are part of their specific culture and happen on a specific date every year. People like these special occasions and enjoy celebrating them. They wait for these special events, prepare for them, and spend money to buy gifts and food. I have some good news for you. You can make as many of these kind of festivals in your life as you want. 

Every day can be a celebration for you. Why should you celebrate only officially appointed dates and birthdays? Use your imagination and think of an event for every day. By doing this you will make each day special. Make each day great and you will spend it great. It does not mean you have to quit your job and make the whole year a festival. No, but it is the attitude of celebrating that makes each occasion special and allows you to enjoy it, not the date itself. That’s why some people are unhappy during Christmas or any other special day. Their attitude is wrong. They do not know how to enjoy the thing. It is just a tradition for them. 

I am not against traditions and culture, I am for special attitudes that make our lives much more enjoyable. Most people start their day as if it was some sort of burden or something like that. How pathetic! Unless you suffer from some terrible disease this kind of attitude is destroying you. Find something you could be happy about each day and make your day a paradise. Choose to celebrate, not complain, rejoice and not weep. Each day is a gift from God, live it to the fullest of your potential.

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