Wednesday, February 23, 2011

20 things to know about positive attitude

Positive attitude is one of the greatest blessings that you can have. It is the topic of the blog "Thought for the day" today. In my previous post I tried to show how important your attitude is and how it can determine whether you are going to be happy or not in this life. In the post I am going to continue the topic, but this time I want to stress the importance of positive attitude in your life. 

Positive attitude versus negative attitude

In order to understand the topic better we need to see positive attitude versus negative attitude. All people depending on their way of thinking can generally be categorized into optimists and pessimists. As you may understand optimists cherish positive mental attitude and pessimists nurture a negative way of thinking. Just by looking at the same thing an optimist will see a bright side of things and a pessimist will see only negative aspects of the very same thing. The thing can be neutral in itself. It is however the outlook of those two kinds of people that shows them things in one way or another. This allows us to make a very clear and undisputable conclusion that both of these attitudes will attract things that people cherishing the attitudes expect. For some people life will bring happiness, luck, joy and satisfaction, for others it will bring misery, failure, sadness and dissatisfaction. 

Positive attitude attracts good things

Positive attitude attracts good things for those that harbor it. God Almighty designed it to be so. He expected us to live by faith and He never intended that there would be such a thing as sin or any other bad thing in life. However, after a human being fell into sin everything started changing. Fear came into man’s heart and he started seeing everything in a different light. However, the principle of faith remained intact. Whatever we believe for we definitely get it. So, if we expect bad things in life we get them sooner or later. But if we expect good stuff we will get it for sure, sooner rather than later. 

How do you know if you have a positive attitude or not?

So, how do you know if you have a positive attitude or not? You can see it by your reactions to various situations in life. Let me give you just a few things that show whether you have it or not.

If you have a positive attitude:

  1. You always expect to succeed.
  2. You always have motivation to do things that can be not very pleasant and interesting.
  3. You easily find causes to be inspired to do things.
  4. You look at bad things and see them as opportunities, not as problems.
  5. You believe that after a failure you will definitely succeed.
  6. You do not lose your heart after several unsuccessful attempts.
  7. You believe yourself. (Yes, we can)
  8. You always see solutions, not problems.
  9. You do not lose self confidence even if you find out yourself in embarrassing situations.
  10. You look at other people positively.
Which spheres of life does a positive attitude influence?

To tell the truth your positive attitude influences all spheres of life. When you cherish positive attitude you start seeing positive changes in:

  1. Character.
  2. Relationship with other people (both close and strangers)
  3. Your health improves.
  4. Your business starts booming.
  5. Your financial situation improves.
  6. You find more friends.
  7. You start achieving your goals.
  8. Your emotions become more stable and you experience more good emotions than bad ones.
  9. Other people change their attitudes towards you.
  10. Situations that used to be insoluble now become soluble.
The list could continue, but I think major areas of our lives have been covered. So, I hope now you can repeat with me the sentence that I started my previous post with:”Attitude is everything”.

This post is not finished. I am going to update it from time to time. If you want to read my previous post about attitude, here it is:
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