Monday, January 23, 2012

My thoughts on friendship

Today, as I promised a few days ago, I want to give you a few thoughts on friendship. I believe there probably are more books, movies, articles and etc. produced on the topic. We often judge people by how many friends he or she has. Even folk wisdom states that you can know who the person is by looking at who his/her friends are. I know that there definitely are those who feel better by being alone than surrounded by a circle of friends and prefer solitude for a variety of reasons, but still the majority of us do need friends and under no conditions would agree to live without them. 

How do we make friends

It is quite easy to make friends in childhood. You just spend some time playing with a few kids in a sandbox and you are friends with them. You start hanging around with the kids from neighborhood and your circle of friends expands. Later when kids become teenagers those relationships are sifted out and become stronger. That is the time when we start building friendships on common interests, likes and hobbies. 

At this time opinion of the peers becomes more important than that of the parents. When we start going to universities or begin working this could be another stage of finding new friends. This is a time when most people find their second halves and create families. 

It seems that with time it becomes more and more difficult to find friends as we become more rigid and have fewer people around. It is quite easy to make friends at school or university where you could have hundreds of boys and girls around and much more difficult at work where there could be only five or twenty colleagues.
It takes determination and willingness to go out of your comfort zone and meet new people and make new contacts, but that is necessary if you feel that the old circle of friends has been broken. 

Why do we need friends

Because we are social beings! We want to share, give and get, accept and be accepted. All of us have a deep need to love and to be loved. This becomes a reality in a circle of friends, among those that are close to each other. In this case, a lot of friends may not be a good thing at all. It is difficult to share precious things with crowd. So, do not envy people who seem to have a lot of friends and be very popular. They might be absolutely empty inside and very often feel very lonely. I believe it is best to have two or three very close friends whom you could rely on and share mutual joys and sorrows.  

Random nice thoughts on friendship
I would like to finish the post be a few nice thoughts on friendship by unknown authors.

“If you ever lose a close friend, do not be sad, because you have never really had him. It is impossible to lose a true friend”.
“To be a true friend means to notice a tear, which has not appeared in the eyes yet and see a hidden wound in the heart”.
“Everybody is listening when you speak, but only friends hear you”
“Best friends hear you even when you do not say a word”.
“No friendship can be found where there is no humility and amenability”. 

That many thoughts on friendship on the blog “Thought for the day”. Hope you liked them. 

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

8 motivational thoughts on success in life

Today on the blog “Thought for the day” I want to share some of my thoughts on success. You have probably read hundreds of tips and tricks on how to achieve it and the same number of rules that you have to follow. Some of them will definitely work, some never will. You will have to practice the rules that you have read about and see whether it works for you. I would not recommend accepting everything that I write here as absolute truth or a standard for success, nor to reject everything as something that never works. It does work. You should learn to filter things that you read in those books about success through your critical point of view and determine what steps you are going to use to become successful in life. I will try to share what works in my life and hope it will work in yours too. 

1. Knowing what you want in life would be number one of my list. I do not know how one can be successful if one does not know what he desires. Finding out what you desire will help you to find out who you really are. 

2. Positive thinking and self confidence would be on the top of my list. You have to believe that you can before you can really do it. Optimists are the people that do not give up but try new methods and ways till they reach what they want even if they have failed thousands of times before. 

5. Planning and implementation of your plans would follow the things that I have mentioned above. Directions are very important even if they are initially wrong. You can modify those when you are on your way. 

6. Ability to control your emotions and stay calm in the face of troubles and failures is another thing which is a must in order for you to succeed. You must guard peace of mind at all cost. When you are calm, you are able to make the best decisions in life. You cannot be led by your emotions, but only by your beliefs, values and logical thinking. These will help you not to make stupid and hasty decisions. 

7. Another thing, which is very important in my opinion, is to be flexible. When you know what you want and you have a plan how to achieve it, you have to be flexible to make necessary modifications when you see that not everything in your plan works. 

8. The last piece of advice regarding success in life that I want to give is to learn to use your time wisely. This is the capital that we will lose one day. Death will take this capital away from us and we will have to give account to God on how we used our time. Let’s therefore be prudent and use it wisely.

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on success. I hope to share my thoughts on friendship next time.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

6 random thoughts

Today I just wanted to give you a few random thoughts on the blog “thought for the day”. New Year is often time when we make a lot of promises to ourselves that we are going to change, quit bad habits, improve our relationships or start a new and better career. Unfortunately, for most these promises never come true. The same situations and behavior patterns as well as failures repeat after a few days after we make our promises and we lose hope of changing. Why does that happen?

1. For most of us it happens, because we do not set goals, make plans and do something to achieve those purposes. We fail to create a strategy that we would follow daily in pursuit of our dreams. Nothing hinders us so much on our way to fulfillment of our desires as absence of strategy for our lives. 

2. Bookshelves of most bookstores are breaking from motivational books on how to achieve success and happiness in life. Some of them are good, some are not. You have to find your own path towards success and walk on it. You have to find out what works for you. 

3. Most of us have dreams, few of us have plans how to turn them into reality. This is often due to the fact that we speak too much about our dreams and do not do anything about it. Statistics show that those who share their dreams with others tend to do less to go after those dreams than people who keep their dreams for themselves until they reach them. Just sharing your dreams may cause you to form an illusion that you have already achieved your dream while you may have not done anything serious about it yet. 

4. Keep your dream to yourself and boast about it only after you have reached it. It may sound different to what most positive thinking books teach you, but it is closer to the truth than you may have thought. 

5. Another thing which you have not to forget is that even if you have big and great dreams you will only achieve them if you work really hard. The bigger your dream is the greater price you will have to pay. If you do not want to admit that you’d better forget your dreams and start looking for something more realistic. Every dream has a price which you will have to pay. Faith, visualization and other good things do not work by themselves. You have to mix those with planning, strategy and actions. 

6. There is no single key to success. There is a bundle of keys which you will have to use in order to achieve your goals. Take time not only for dreaming, but also for creation of plans and strategy that will help you to implement the very dreams you long to see becoming a reality on day. 

I hope my random thoughts were useful and you will be able to apply them in your daily life this year. God bless you in your endeavors. 

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thought for the day 10th of January 2012

January is a good time to start writing your goals for the New Year. A lot of people never achieve anything, because they do not know what they want, never plan and do not have direction in life. I believe we should sit down in these first weeks of the year and do some brainstorming trying to get as many ideas as possible as to what we want to achieve this year.

It might be only short term plans, but they are of vital importance. They will give you a clear direction on where you have to concentrate and what your priorities are. Take an hour or more to calm down and write your expectations for the year. Then try to prioritize the things that you have put on the paper. After that you have to make a plan how you are going to reach your goals. Finally, follow your plan and take action. I hope you will see a lot of your goals reached at the end of this year. God bless you. I hope my thought for the day was useful.

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