Quote of the day

I am starting a new page 'Quote of the day'. On the page you will be able to find a lot of various best life quotes, motivational and inspirational quotes on a daily basis. I will publish one quote each day for you to enjoy. Sometimes I will add my comments, sometimes not. Welcome to Quote for the day!

Quotes of the day 4

Can a mortal ask questions which God finds unanswerable? Quite easily, I should think. All nonsense questions are unanswerable” by C. S. Lewis.

Very often people do not ask sincere questions about God. They simply expect to make other people doubt God’s existence. I heard a few times people asking:”If God is all powerful, can He create a stone which He would not be able to lift Himself?” They think that by asking this kind of question they are showing their intelligence. Unfortunately, they are showing their stupidity. God is all powerful and that power will never be used against Himself. He is all powerful in creating perfect things and solving hopeless situations when people express their trust in Him. All the nature that you see around and which you enjoy is His works. Men only cultivate it and take care after it. He created all seeds that bring forth various kinds of plants. So, better study His Word to find out about His perfection. Far more important questions will be answered in this way. God bless you in your search of truth!

Quote of the day 3

Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love” by Albert Einstein.

People in love lose a sense of reality. Nothing exists for them except the one they love. Love potion is very strong and it makes us lose perspective or reality. However, this period in life is very beautiful and meaningful. It creates spiritual ties between two people and prepares them for the coming marriage. The period like all other periods passes away, but I am absolutely convinced that love is not supposed to grow weak as the time passes by. You decide whether it grows weaker or stronger. You have to make efforts in order for it to grow. Do it and your marriage will never find itself on the brink of collapse.

Quote of the day 2

The love of heaven makes one heavenly” by William Shakespeare. 

Our desires shape us. Somebody said that a human being is a subtotal of his hungers. Your spiritual hunger shapes you and gives you direction in life. You start going after it and this is reflected in your thoughts, feelings and actions. Be sure to check only those desires that will enrich your life and make it more meaningful and try to avoid those that are destructive and will cause you nothing else but pain. You if you want heaven, think heavenly thoughts, if you want paradise have desires that have originated in paradise.

Quote of the day 1 

“Man can believe the impossible, but can never believe the improbable” by Oscar Wilde.