Monday, March 7, 2011

Positive thinking and health

Positive thinking and health is the topic on the ‘Thought for the day’ blog today. Health is probably one of the greatest treasures that we can have. Take it away and you will probably be unhappy. I know that even being ill you can practice various aspects of positive thinking and by doing this make you feel better, but still ever remaining health problems reduce the quality of life and have negative influence on our emotions, results at work, possibilities to enjoy life. The good news is that by means of positive thinking we can improve our health. 

Positive thoughts bring health

You have probably heard doctors say that ninety nine percent of diseases are caused by our nerves. I think it is slightly exaggerated but it is very close to the truth. Your mental health very much depends on your reactions to problems and everything that happens around you on a daily basis. If you tend to react negatively to small problems that arise, you will surely have emotional problems. And emotional problems cause severe health problems as nothing else does. I am not a physician and I cannot present you a lot of facts to prove that I am right, but you can find a lot of material on internet to read on the topic and find out for yourself that bad emotions do a tremendous damage to your emotional and physical state. And vice versa, positive emotions do a lot to improve your health. 

But do not forget that both negative and positive emotions are the consequences of your thoughts. So, your thoughts are the cause and your emotions are the effect. Our body reacts to any emotion that we have. If you are laughing vitamin C is produced. A lot of people consume a lot of vitamins to maintain their immunity system working well and spend loads of money on that. Good news is that you can get some vitamins for free. Laugh more and you will never lack vitamin C. Tests show that our bodies do not differentiate between true laughter and fake laughter. They still produce vitamin C if we laugh. So, if you feel bad and do not find any logical or natural reason to laugh about, just do it. Just fake it. Laugh a bit. Maybe in the beginning it will look very unnaturally, but as you continue it will become a natural laughter. You will get a lot of vitamin C as a consequence. Of course, try to do it somewhere where nobody watches you. Just in case people consider you … . 

So, learn to control your emotions by controlling your thoughts. No negative thoughts = no negative emotions. Positive thoughts will bring a lot of good emotions. That will result in an increase of your health. As you can see positive thinking will help to increase your health a lot. Just be patient in learning how to control your thoughts. If you do not quit, after a year you will not recognize yourself. You will see so many positive changes in yourself. 

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