Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Foundation for positive thinking

Foundation for positive thinking is the topic on ‘Thought for the day” blog today. There have been a lot of attacks on the value and power of positive thinking recently. Some people give a number of arguments trying to prove that positive thinking is simply not working, or creating unnecessary stress, or simply misleading and deceiving people. Some of the arguments can be justified. Positive thinking does not have any power if it does not stand on solid foundation. If it does not, it is merely a wishful thinking and as such it does not have any positive influence and results in our lives. But if it does stand on strong foundation, it really has tremendous power, which can create miracles. 

Positive thinking is based on faith and not logical thinking

Most people attack positive thinking because they see it as an illogical thinking pattern. They might be true, but positive thinking has its’ roots in faith, which is not built on logical facts, but on conviction that what you believe for exists in invisible world. We must accept the fact that material world is not the only world there is. There is a spiritual world and it is based on absolutely different principles than this material world is. In this visible world we base everything on facts that are gathered by means of five senses: seeing, sensing, smelling, hearing and tasting. Whatever does not go within the scope of those five is considered to be unreliable. However, if we take into account that spiritual world exists and it cannot be comprehended and explained and proved by means of five senses, then testimony of the five senses can be questionable. However, invisible and visible worlds are connected by means of our faith. When we believe that things which are invisible can come to visible reality, we bring them to pass. It is only a question of time, not the question of ‘if’. 

Positive thinking does not break natural laws

Most people fail to see the power of positive thinking because they neglect the fact that positive thinking does not break natural laws. Let me explain what I mean. You cannot expect to stay healthy if you constantly eat junk food and maintain a positive attitude that everything will be ok. If your immunity system is very strong and you are naturally very healthy from birth you may stay healthy longer, but by eating junk food you are destroying your body, which was given to you by God to take care of and not stuff it with various kinds of junk. If you neglect that and continue claiming that nothing wrong is going to happen this is nothing else but a wishful thinking, which has nothing to do with positive thinking. 

Positive thinking has to become an inseparable part of you

The problem with us humans is that we start doing something when we get into trouble. Most people try to use principles of positive thinking when problems come. However, it never works that way. Positive thinking has to be practiced daily. It has to become your second nature. You have to associate yourself with positive thoughts. You have to cut off all channels that fill your ears, eyes and mind with negativity and open up all the channels that deliver you a positive message on a daily basis. You have to look at things from a positive perspective daily. You have to be one with your positive thoughts. Then you will know the power of positive thinking.

I hope the post helped you to see what foundation for positive thinking is. I will be dealing with the topic in my future posts as well. So, keep coming to my blog and reading my daily posts. 

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