Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Law of attraction

Law of attraction is the topic on the ‘Thought for the day’ blog today. There has been a lot of talk on the question recently, especially after release of the movie and the book ‘The Secret’. I do believe the law of attraction works, although I disagree with much of the stuff that ‘New Age’ guys try to push about the law of attraction. I believe we were created by God Almighty who is a real person and not some far fetched sub consciousness. We were created into God’s image and we are subject to the laws that He created, the law of attraction being one of those laws. So, let me give you a couple of thoughts on the subject in the post. 

What is law of attraction?

Law of attraction is a universal principle by means of which you attract things and events into your life according to your dominant thoughts. The teachers of the subject claim that you are a creator of things by means of your thoughts. I would not agree completely with that. As I said, I believe there is God who is a true creator of everything and everybody that you see around and of the entire universe. However, as we are created according to His image, we are ‘junior creators’ or ‘co-creators’ with Him. As being ‘co-creators’ we participate in the creation process by means of the law of attraction and our faith.  

Are our thoughts the causes of everything?

No, I do not believe that. Our thoughts have a tremendous power, but they are not sole causes of everything that happens in our lives. A great deal of what happens in our lives are the consequences of what we think. But not everything! Quite many things that happen in our lives are also connected with choices of other people and there is always something we cannot explain. We do not know all the reasons. However, control of our thoughts is the major tool to take control of our lives into our hands. That’s for sure. 

The force that strengthens the law of attraction

Faith is that mighty force that makes the law of attraction work. You have to believe that your intentions and goals will come true. That is the element that makes the law of attraction work. No faith and your thoughts do not have enough energy to go forth and bring about results that you want and expect in your life. Jesus talked a lot about faith. It was His words:”Everything is possible for those who believe”. I will write on the topic some time later, but I will say this, if you want to achieve something in life you have to believe that you will succeed and it will definitely happen. 

Law of attraction is not magic

Through the ages people were fascinated by magic and its’ possibilities to gain power and accomplish great things. I believe magic is a very bad thing and you should avoid it by all means. It is due to the fact that there are more powers in the world, not only good. If there is God, there is also devil. Most New Age promoters do not admit that. But I am convinced that both of them exist and actively participate in our daily lives, magic being the sphere of the devil. The worst part of it is trying to influence other people wills in your favor. Never do that. Law of attraction is meant to bless you and the entire world by the power of your thoughts that are driven by faith. 

I hoped you enjoyed the post. I am going to expand it later. If you want to learn more on the subject I recommend reading my article on thoughts and Wikipedia article on the law of attraction.

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