Sunday, March 27, 2011

Attitude for 27th of March 2011

Nothing is interesting if you are not interested” by Hellen MacInness. 

Things, objects, subjects, people or any other phenomena can be interesting in themselves. However, I hope you have noticed that this interest fades away pretty fast. Naturally, when a new thing loses its’ newness (and it usually does very quickly) we search for something new to interest us. So, it means that majority of people get interested from outside and their interest does not last very long.  People search for something ‘outside’ to motivate them and forget that the major source for inspiration, motivation and interest is not outside but inside. 

You have to learn how to motivate yourself and keep interest running not for a few days or weeks but the whole year until you find something else which you think is more valuable to take interest in. You can get interested in something even if the thing in itself is not interesting for you at all. If you try to read about it, try to understand a little bit more about it you will see how it becomes interesting for you. 

I remember how I disliked mathematics at school. Why? I did not understand it. However, when I would understand some topic in mathematics it would immediately become interesting for me. So, if you have to do something that is awfully boring for you and you cannot avoid doing that, try to take interest in it. Change your attitude towards it. Try to understand it. Why should you kill your time by doing something with dislike or even hatred? Change your attitude towards the thing and your experience and feelings towards the thing will change as well. Good luck in doing that.

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