Prayer of salvation

If you are looking for meaning in life and you feel the burden of sin upon yourself pray to God through Christ in  a simple prayer for forgiveness of sins.

"Jesus, I'm sorry for my life without you. Wash my sins with your blood. I turn away from the old way of life, and please give me a new heart, wishing to carry out your wishes. I am sure that You died on the cross for all my sins and rose again from the dead.

Jesus, Come into my heart, I receive you. From this moment on you are my Lord, Master. As your child, fill me with the Holy Spirit. I thank you that my prayer is answered.

From now on I am not a sinner, but your child. Today, you have borne me out again to eternal life with You.

If you prayed sincerely, God forgave your sins. Now you need to follow Christ. I will talk about it in my future posts. Find a good Bible believing church and become a disciple of Christ.
Good luck.