Thursday, March 3, 2011

Positive thoughts versus negative thoughts

Positive thoughts versus negative thoughts are the topic of ‘Thought for the day’ blog today. Living on this planet you cannot avoid having both types of thoughts. Naturally, one day you would have more good thoughts and another day more bad thoughts. However, living ‘naturally’ can mean that you are out of control with your thoughts, but something else, for example ‘nature’, or fate, or weather, or some physical laws decide what thoughts come and stay in your mind. Although everybody of us will have bad days where you sort of battling bad thoughts, I do believe that we can reduce these days to a minimum. 

Do not fight negative thoughts

Fighting bad thoughts is monkey’s business. You will only strengthen them by doing that. You probably know that both positive and negative thoughts have their own energy and power. A wise thing to do when those bad thoughts come is not to fight them but capture them and use the power of them to make them positive and use for positive purposes. How is that done?

Negative thoughts tend to put you on fire: get you angry, nervous, and irritated. The other thing that those thoughts do is they immediately paint a gloomy picture about this situation or that person and etc. You take away the power of those thoughts by immediately changing course of your thoughts. If  you failed at something instead of meditating on that you simply try to encourage yourself by saying that next time you will do better or by remembering how you were able to do something like that some time before. Negative thoughts fail to achieve their target – make you angry and pervert your way of thinking. And they lose power. At the same time, positive thoughts automatically gain power. 

This was just one piece of advice on the post. I am going to expand on the topic in my future post. I hope this short article was useful for you. If it provoked you to think than my target was reached.

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