Monday, February 21, 2011

Thought for the day

I want to start my first post of the blog “Thought for the day” with a quote of Buddha:” We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” Although I am not a follower of Buddha and consider myself a Christian, I quite agree with the thought that is expressed in the quote. 

Everything starts with thoughts

Everything starts with thoughts! We really are what we think. The thoughts that come to our minds are very important. The thoughts that stay in our minds are even more important. You should see the procedure how a personality is formed. It all starts from a simple thought. This thought has a power to form a person according to information that the thought carries in it. We seldom see thoughts as power bringing vessels, but they are that way. Bad thoughts will make you a bad person. Good thoughts that stay in your mind on a daily basis will finally make you a good person. 

Thoughts lead to speaking of words

Thoughts lead to speaking of words. Although we have been born in sin, the level and condition of our lives depends a lot on the quality of thoughts that stay in our minds. If certain thought stays in our minds long enough we start speaking it. That is the second stage: thoughts form our way of speaking. It is carried out by means of words. Words carry release the power of the thought that has been in our minds and strengthens the power of the thought inside us. 

Thoughts create certain thinking patterns

Thoughts create certain thinking patterns. If we go on with the thoughts long enough certain thinking patterns develop which become parts of our personalities and we start reacting based on those patterns. People very often do not understand why they behave the way they behave or why this or that person has a bad habit which is destroying his life, but the person is still not able to get rid of the habit, but sinks even deeper into it. It does not matter how complicated the situation might look to you; the answer to the question is very simple. The person has developed certain thinking patterns and now those patterns control his life and force him to behave in one way or another. 

Thoughts and words lead to actions

Thoughts and words lead to actions. Behavior is the final result of your thoughts and words. You behave the way you behave because you have thought that way. You sometimes might think that some of your actions are spontaneous and have no connection with your personality and thinking patterns. However, nothing can be further from the truth. Everything is stored in your mind by means of your previous thoughts, thinking patterns, beliefs, images and experience. So, you simply react in the way that your previous experience dictates you. It can happen very fast, but it does happen. 

How can you change?

So, how can you change? Change your thoughts and your personality will change. Your words will change and consequently your behavior will change. True changes start from inside and the inside that has to change is your thought life. When that changes you change. I hope you can see now that you are what you think. I also hope that the post will help you to experience more significant changes in the future if you apply the knowledge that you have received. Thanks for reading my thought for the day.  

Some more academic reading about thought can be done by following the link:

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