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Positive thinking

Positive thinking is the topic of my post on ‘thought for the day’ blog today. As you can see my first posts on the blog deal with very similar topics. I think that all of them are very important. Attitude, positive attitude and other similar themes have to be discussed again and again in order to lead a successful and happy life. There are very many people who praise critical thinking as being closer to the truth and real life than positive mentality. Some even say that critical thinking dominates in Europe and positive thinking dominates in United States. It may be true. However, it is a very big question which type of thinking is closer to the truth and which one makes our lives better. I do believe that both have their weak and strong points, but I choose to living developing positive attitude and mentality rather than looking at every possible question in life from a critical point of view. 

Positive thinking identified

Positive thinking is simply way of thinking which is based on positive expectations and thinking patterns that make you see everything in life in a positive way. I have already mentioned in my previous posts that two different people looking at the same fact can come to two absolutely different conclusions. It is due to the fact that they base their point of view and analysis on different thinking patterns. Some base it on negative thinking patterns, yet others base their beliefs on positive thinking patterns. 

Positive thinking effects on your daily life

Although there have recently been many attacks on those who promote positive thinking, having done proper analysis one can make a conclusion that positive mentality has many more advantages than disadvantages. Since positive attitude has to be connected to all spheres of life, it really influences all areas of your daily life. It does not matter which area you take, positive thoughts leave their positive effect in that area. So, if you are positive about life in general, you are also positive about any area in life. In includes:

  1. Your health.
  2. Your family.
  3. Your business.
  4. Your relationship.
  5. Your emotions.
  6. Your financial situation.
  7. Your future.
  8. Your present.
  9. Your past.
  10. Other people.
  11. And many more…
How can you practice positive thinking on a daily basis?

As positive thinking is very much connected with positive thoughts you have to learn how to control your thoughts on a daily basis. 

Firstly, you will have to learn how to talk to yourself; the process is very often called self-talk. I do not know if you have noticed, but all of us talk to ourselves. I do not mean that we do it audibly. No, we do it in our thoughts. Just watch yourself for a few days and you will notice that. This is the point where you determine what kind of day you are going to have, whether you are going to be happy or unhappy on that day. If you represent every situation for yourself negatively it will immediately have an impact on your daily reality. So, when you get stuck in a traffic jam late for work or any other occasion, instead of getting nervous or angry, try to tell yourself that there are much bigger problems in life or try to say that you are going to get to work in time, or this being late will not cause you big problems. You can think and find out other causes to be positive in that or any other situation. 

Secondly, you have to speak audible words which would be in harmony with your inner self talk

When faced with negative stuff from the people around, react by speaking positive words. It does not matter whether they accept those words or not. It is important that you would retain your positive attitude and a positive outlook towards any situation that comes to your life. Do not give in if other people try to talk you out of your attitude. Speak out what you believe and you will see great progress in your life and the effect of it on those who are around. Who knows, maybe they will change their way of thinking as well!

Thirdly, act in a positive way. Let us say a winter is approaching. You know that many people get cold, flu and many other diseases. Media, people, experts start talking about coming epidemics and the percentage of people who are going to fall ill. You have to think, speak and behave differently. Do not rush buy expensive medicines, which are being pushed by those who want to take advantage of people who are scared and intimidated. Take courage and say that you will not get ill this year. Do other positive actions that would reinforce your positive thinking patterns.

Fourthly, visualize positive outcome in any situation. This is directed towards our future and we have to see it in a positive light. Before we come into our future, our future has to come into us by means of visualizations. Use your imagination to create a future that you desire. Decide what you want in life and take time to be alone by simply seeing yourself entering into those things and getting what you want. Try to feel the reality of it. I know, some people would call me an idiot. Well, let them live in their reality by believing what they see with their physical eyes, repeating what they have heard from ‘experts’ and living mediocre lives. I refuse to live like that and I am going to use God given imagination for entering into my bright future. And so should you do. 

OK, I think I will stop the points for the now, but I will definitely update the post and expand all the points connected with it. I hope you now can what great power positive thinking has. Embrace it, practice it, and develop it, perfect it and you will start living the quality of life that you could not have imagined. God bless you.

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