Sunday, April 3, 2011

Attitude for 3rd of April 2011

You must start with a positive attitude or you will surely end without one” Carrie Latet.

We know that the ending of everything you do is the most important thing. You may start well, but if you lose the right attitude for doing the thing you will surely end up on a pathetic note. However, beginnings are very important. It does not matter how insignificant they might look, they can lead you to tremendous things which you have never dreamed of. You must have a positive attitude at the very start of all your endeavors

I would not even encourage you to start anything without believing that you are going to succeed. Doubts and unbelief will paralyze your creative powers and you will hardly achieve something positive with a negative attitude in your mind. To tell the truth I believe that when you get some new ideas you should carry them in your mind long enough for them to get mature and not share them with others till you are sure that you will not lose faith in your ability to implement those ideas. Most people find great pleasure in criticizing and killing new ideas. They think they can see in advance whether you succeed or not. So, be careful when you get a new idea. Keep it for yourself for some time and if you start implementing it be sure you have positive attitude to succeed in your attempts.

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