Monday, April 25, 2011

Thought for the day 25th of April 2011

Say you are well, or all is well with you, and God shall hear your words and make them true” by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

This is a unique feature of faith that separates it from all other character features and personal powers. It attracts things that you speak about. If you believe something and speak it with faith those things shall come to pass sooner or later. It is just a matter of time, not the matter of ‘if’. Faith is the spiritual substance that connects us with the invisible and like a magnet draws those things from the invisible to the visible world. 

That is how the future comes to the present such as it comes. We attract it by our faith. Future comes anyway, but what kind of future is coming to you has a lot to deal with what you truly believe and not what you simply want. Your imagination mixed with faith has much greater power than your wishes and desires. Answer from God comes not because you want, desire, wish, nor because you are good, hardworking, patience and etc. It comes because you believe.

God himself functions by the same principle. This earth was created by the Word of God that was uttered with faith. As we have been created according to God’s image and likeness, we not only look like Him, we also operate in the same manner as He does. We live by faith. But what kind of faith do we live by? You can sincerely believe that you are no good, worthless, lacking talent and etc. And this kind of faith will work for your disadvantage. However, if you believe in the bright future and present for yourself and that you have a great call from God to accomplish and you have all you need to do it, you will definitely achieve it. So, don’t put limits on your faith and speak the words of faith. Your words will bring about the things you believe for. 

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