Friday, April 1, 2011

Attitude for 1st of April 2011

To be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it” by Confucius. 

We decide how much we allow ourselves to be affected by what happens to us, with us or around us. Bad things that are done to us can hurt us pretty bad. They can hurt our reputation, finances or something else connected with us. However, it is you who decide how much and how long those things will affect you. If you store those bad things in your memory for a long time, they will start really hurting you and destroying your life from inside. 

What happens if you decide to forget the bad stuff that has been done towards you? It stops hurting us and we can move on in our lives. We have to learn to forgive others and forget the wrongs that have been done towards us. By keeping grudge against other people we only do damage towards ourselves. The grudge does not affect the person or people we keep grudge against. So why continue doing that? No point. Let us forgive and conquer evil by doing good. It will make us stronger. And you will have ‘healthy emotions’ again, as keeping a grudge poisons our emotions pretty much. Get rid of the poison and cherish love, joy and hope. Wish well for all people and you will reap as you sow. 

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