Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thought for the day 24th of April 2011

Either way, things are a lot better – either better than they were or a lot better than they are going to be” by Robert Brault. 

I like the approach. Robert Brault always finds things to be happy about. This attitude is very good when you have problems. Then you can think that things were much worse in the past and you were able to cope with the stuff. If you feel pretty bored and unhappy about your life, then you can think that things can be worse in the future and this understanding will wake you up from your apathy. 

Don’t allow yourself to fall neither into the lap of self pity, nor apathy. These are thieves that come to steal your joy, enthusiasm, faith and purpose as well as vision for your life. So, depending on what situation you are in you should apply one of the techniques. If you feel that everything is pretty bad now, remember some worse things in the past and when you are overpowered by apathy, think how you would feel if you lost your health, house, family, friends and etc. I hope your feelings would change fast.

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