Monday, April 11, 2011

Thought for the day 11th of April 2011

Where the loser saw barriers, the winner saw hurdles” by Robert Brault. 

I am convinced that great things in life do not come easily. They are not going to fall into your lab from the sky. You have to fight for them. You do not have to fight for bad things. They come easily and abound everywhere. You do not have to sow weeds. Just don’t do anything in your fields or in your garden and weeds will naturally start growing there. The wind will bring the seeds from a far. It will take time for you to weed them out. 

In the same manner your life will be full of bad stuff if you do not take time to produce good stuff. If hard work is a problem for you, I doubt if you ever become a winner. It takes patience, persistence and not giving up on your dreams to achieve what you want. However, everything you find on your way is meant to strengthen you, not to stop you. It’s only you who decide whether to stop or overcome the obstacles and become stronger. So, look at those difficulties as opportunities, not as stumbling blocks. 

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