Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thought for the day 28th of April 2011

“Physical strength is measured by what we can carry; spiritual by what we can bear” author unknown.
Yesterday I started talking about various powers and strengths that we can and should have. Today I want to add a few thoughts on the topic. Our souls, in the same manner as our bodies have a certain amount of strength. If you know something about bodybuilding you should be aware of the fact that physical muscles grow when we lift weights. We need physical pressure for our bodies to get stronger. You cannot just lie in your bed and expect for your muscles to grow naturally (to say nothing of losing your weight). You need to exercise.

What about strength that our souls have. They have as much as many problems, stress, temptations, troubles, failures, successes and etc. they can endure. Our souls also need spiritual pressure (or pressure that comes on our minds) in order to become stronger. No pain, no gain. We do need challenges for our personalities to grow and become stronger and victorious. When you cope with those challenges your soul becomes stronger. When you fail, you stay at the same level you were before the challenge came.

Unless you move somewhere to some uninhabited island you will always have to face difficulties, problems and challenges. That’s how this world functions. There are always forces that go against you. However, you should never forget that having a positive frame of mind you can conquer all of those forces and enjoy the process of conquering. Don’t look at difficulties as something awful. Take them as opportunities to build your spiritual muscles. I do not mean to say that difficulties mean doing something that you hate all of your life. No, but going after your dreams you will face a lot of difficulties. Look at them as weights for your spiritual muscles. Good luck in developing your inner strength. 

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