Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thought for the day 14th of April 2011

Too many people miss the silver lining because they are expecting gold” by Maurice Setter. 

Can we have too high expectations in life? Yes, a lot of people have very high expectations, yet those expectations are merely wishful thinking and they will hardly ever become a reality. Positive thinking and the law of attraction best works when they are connected with realistic planning that is based on optimism. Some people just sit expecting the best and doing nothing. Then they not only miss ‘gold but also the silver lining’. If you are in trouble, you need to see the silver lining. When you get out of it, you can start building plans about getting ‘gold’. 

Before you develop a strong conviction or faith about something you need hope. That’s where you start. Negative thinking puts us in a gutter and the first step to get out of it is hope, the second is faith. There is a difference between the two. Hope is always connected with the future; faith is always connected with present. It is connected to the ‘eternal NOW’. But you must get hope first. You must see that things can get better. And when you entertain such a hope for some time, it has great chances to become faith, which will help you to live now and pursue ‘gold’.

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