Friday, April 29, 2011

Thought for the day 29th of April 2011

Success is due less to ability than to zeal” by Charles Buxton.

So, you want success in life? And you complain that you don’t have enough abilities, talents, opportunities, right people, rich parents, help from others and etc? Well, I have really good news for you. You do not need a lot of those… . You must have some zeal in your life, some passion to accomplish great things, some desire that would drive you forward and a big and clear dream of what you want in life. Then success will come to you and you won’t have to go to it. 

Indifference and apathy are the greatest enemies of success. They turn to nothing all talents, abilities, opportunities and etc. You need an ‘engine’ that would take you to the job of your dreams, success in business, family, relationships, creativity and etc. And the ‘engine’ is not your inborn abilities, but your inside enthusiasm that pushes you beyond your talents and your present circumstances. 

Some say:”I need one million bucks to start a business”. Well if you had one million maybe you would not need to start business anymore. It would only give you more security and be a motive to continue staying in your comfort zone. You have to start boiling with enthusiasm from inside and go after your dreams. Most people value security more than freedom. I think that they have very little of the first and none of the second. If you are afraid to lose what you have, I believe you are on your way to lose it. Although I am not for stupid risk, but I know that you cannot achieve anything in life without risking. So, think is it really things from outside that keep you from getting success or it is your lack of enthusiasm to do something? 

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