Monday, May 30, 2011

Thought for the day 30th of May 2011

Misery is a communicable disease” by Martha Graham. 

Misery is a state of mind in the first place. Eventually it causes one to feel miserably. As it is a state of mind, it can be transported to other minds and become their states of minds too. I don’t believe that misery is something that we can find in our genes. People try to justify their addictions, bad habits, bad character features and their pathetic states of mind by putting blame on the their genes. They could be true to some extent. If our parents had all the above mentioned things, there will definitely be a tendency for us to have the package too. 

However, any of the above mentioned things are objects of our choice. We may change them at our will. Most would not agree with me on this, because they do not see such examples around them. But they should also agree that they do not see a lot of people who work with their minds, their way of thinking and their habits in order to change them from worse to better. Anyone who starts doing that starts seeing the first results very fast. It takes patience to get more positive changes, but if a person is patient those changes do come.  

One bad thing about misery is that it can be caught by you as a mental state of mind from other people who have been living in the state for a long time. How? By simple communication, sharing ideas and views on the world! Under normal conditions (when people are not pretending) people speak what they believe. If you are very open and try to understand them and step into their shoes you have a good chance to catch their state of mind. Do you want to? I guess not. Not state of misery, at least. So, what do you do? You keep to your positive way of thinking and share what you believe. 

You do not have to convince a person to accept your way of thinking. I am sure that they can do it naturally if they want to. Even if they don’t, you should not push your way of thinking. However, you should not accept their way of thinking too. Why should you be miserable? There is no point in having such a state of mind. Life is wonderful and you can be happy every day of your life. It does not mean you have to be cruel or heartless for those people. No, you should help to those who are in trouble, but what if a person does not want to be helped but prefers to stay in his misery? Let him stay and you go on with your life. It is their choice to feel miserable and it is your choice to be happy. All of us are free. But let us use our freedom to make our lives a paradise, not a living hell!

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