Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thought for the day 24th of May 2011

Anywhere is paradise; it’s up to you” author unknown.

I do not think that any place can be a paradise out of itself, but it becomes such when a person who comes to the place brings the attitude that makes the place a paradise. No place can be a paradise or a hell on its own. People make it a wonderful paradise or a living hell. Hell comes to a place where people entertain hellish attitudes and values and vice versa, paradise comes to a place where people have adopted heavenly attitudes and values. 

I know it might be problematic for us if we cherish heavenly attitude and come to a place where most people have adopted a hellish attitude. You should share your views and beliefs with them in a firm but polite way. However, as any person has a free will you may never know whether those people accept your ideas or not. You will see both situations. In some cases, people who are tired of their way of living will be willing to adopt different values. In other cases, people would just be willing to stay where they are and continue their destructive way of life that is engendered by their way of thinking. However, you can make any place a paradise. Carry this attitude with you. 

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