Monday, June 27, 2011

Thought for the day 27th of June 2011

Peace of mind


For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind” by Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

Peace of mind is the topic of the post on the blog ‘Thought for the day’ today. We are living in an age of turmoil, rush and consequently absolute emotional chaos. We hardly ever stop to calm down our thoughts and feelings and reflect on spiritual matters and state of our souls. That’s why people often lose direction and focus in their lives. They do too many things at a time. Modern technologies which are supposed to give us more time, because we can do our jobs fast, in fact take all our free time away for by means of those gadgets we can do more. And we do more without asking ourselves whether we really need to do that or not. 

Absence of peace of mind lead to problems


By behaving in this way we lose peace of mind. Peace protects our thoughts, minds, bodies from very many harmful things. A lot of people are ill because they always experience feelings of anxiety, anger, irritation and etc. These feelings take a heavy toll on our bodies and after years of living under these stress driven feelings our bodies start collapsing. If you are stressed lots of negative chemicals are released into your body that destructive power. And vice versa, when you live in peace, happy chemicals (endorphins) are released into your body and make your body healthier and stronger. 

How do you get peace of mind?


You have to get to a place where you could be alone, at least for a couple of minutes. You should calm down all your mental processes and not to think about your daily routine, responsibilities or any other think. When you know that those things ceased, you can start meditating on eternal things: love, joy, God, some verses from Holy Scriptures. Things that are transcendental lift you to a different world where peace, joy and other eternal Heavenly qualities reign. It is very good to do this practice early in the morning, before you start your daily job. You could also try to separate a few minutes during lunch time and spend time alone in a restroom (if you don’t find any other solitary place). And you should do the same procedure before going to bed. This will definitely help you to get peace of mind.

How do you keep peace of mind?


In fact, you do the above mentioned practice each day and you will naturally have it. You will also have to learn how to handle stress when it comes. It does come for life has a pretty quick pace nowadays. However, doing things fast does not mean you have to lose peace of mind, get angry, irritated or nervous. Learn to react calmly when stress comes on you. It is your attitude towards the things that you have to do fast make you nervous or help you to stay calm. That’s it. Hope the post helped you to understand importance of having peace of mind.

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