Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thought for the day 8th of June 2011

"Your friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you" by Elbert Hubard.

We all need friends

Today I wanted to write a post about friendship. Me and I believe you would not imagine our lives without friends. I have had many friends throughout my life and I am sure that I am going to have more when I age. When I look back I see that most of my buddies from childhood are gone. This is simply due to the fact that our paths in life were different and when we started going to school or university our relationships were no longer supported. 

A true friend likes you anyway

However, I and they still need friends. I have found new ones and I do not doubt that they have done the same. There is nothing strange about it. Today I am not going to concentrate on implications of leaving your friends and finding new ones but about one specific quality of a true friend. A true friend is someone who knows a lot about you, but he is able to bear your weaknesses, imperfections, mistakes and character. If the person whom you call a friend is not able to bear you, then his is not your real friend and he might be near you for some egoistic purposes. 

Hating yourself

We all have flaws in our characters and it takes time to change from worse to better. It can sometimes take a lot of years for those changes to take place. I know that people hate themselves for having bad character features. That’s why we need people around who would like us despite our hot tempers, impatience, anger or other things that we would like to uproot from our lives but fail to do it as fast as we would like to

Friends’ love helps you to love yourself

Friends are there to speak to us a word of encouragement and hope. They concentrate on our positive qualities and have faith that the bad ones will disappear with time and even if those bad things won’t disappear, they would still love and like us. This could help us to stop hating ourselves. It would also help us to forgive other people when they do something intolerable for we know that we are not the saints ourselves and we are still loved by our friends. I do not know about you but I am so glad that I have people who can forgive me and reassure that I am still acceptable for them. 

Sow friendship to get friendship

If you do not have these kind of friends I think you have to do one thing. You should try to be the kind of person described in the quote. You must learn how to forgive others and bear other people weaknesses. That’s where we come back to the principle of sowing and reaping.  You have to sow forgiveness, love, understanding and tolerance before you can get those things back. I do not mean you do not deserve those things just by being a human, I simply mean to say that if you do not see people showing you attention and all the above mentioned things you should stop waiting for that and start showing those desirable things to other people yourself. You will be rewarded with the very things you show. Now go and practice that. 

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