Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thought for the day 11th of June 2011

If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can't buy” Proverb. 

Feeling rich or being rich

Feeling rich and being rich may go together and may not. I hope you know people who do not have anything but they feel rich and people who have a lot and they do not feel rich. And you may also know people who don’t have anything and don’t feel rich and people who have a lot and they feel rich. Quite a lot of ideas to think about? Yes, four possible categories and you do belong to one of them. But what kind of person is rich?

I am sure that a person who thinks he is rich, that person is rich indeed. Being rich starts with attitude and ends with all imaginable riches coming to your life. I know that some people do not value money, but still money is part of the idea of being rich, although I would not agree that it is the main one. If we agree that a human being is spirit, soul and body, being really rich would mean being rich in all aspects of our personalities: spirits, souls and bodies. 

Being rich in spirit, soul and body

You can never be satisfied being rich only with material things for being a body is in fact the last thing you are. Firstly you are an immortal spirit, having immortal soul and living in a mortal body. If you start from body, you start from the wrong end. You should start from your spirit. That’s where true riches start and that’s where they are transmitted further into your soul and finally into your body. I believe you have to be at peace with God in order to be rich in your spirit. You have to be sure that your sins are forgiven; otherwise there can be no further talk about spiritual wealth. 

This wealth transforms into tenderness of your character when negative features of it are transformed into positive ones. You continue growing rich in your intellect, knowledge, emotions, feelings and etc. If you have a positive frame of mind physical health starts manifesting in your body as one form of physical wealth. Money as things starts also coming as an inseparable part of material riches. 

Start growing rich today

However, if you do not have a lot of money, or maybe you do not have any money now, don’t be upset. Concentrate on the positive side of it. Try to think of all the things money cannot buy. It will not buy riches for your soul and spirit. In quite many cases it will not even buy you physical health. So, without having money you can still be rich in other aspects of your personality. And if you believe, dream and plan to make a lot of money, you will succeed. So, at whatever stage you are in terms of riches, do not be upset you can start growing rich today. I would encourage you to start from your spirit and soul. Good luck in becoming rich. 

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