Sunday, June 26, 2011

Positive thought for the day

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results” by Willie Nelson. 

It is natural to thirst for positive results

Positive results is the topic of the post on the blog “Thought for the day’ today. I know that all of us want to be successful. It is natural. Nobody wants to be a loser, failure and unhappy. A man was created to be a victor. We have a deep inside desire for dominion, not for slavery. We want to prosper, not to live in ever continuing financial poverty. We want to be healthy and not sick. We have all these desires from our birth. 

Whey there is so much negative mess around us?


However, we see a lot of opposite around us and maybe even in our lives. Where does that come from? I have already talked about the fall of a human being. When Adam sinned he lost his power and authority that has been given to him by his Creator. The lost union with God resulted in various forms of failure. It came into relationship, health, finances. Finally, it resulted in physical death. There would not be death today if there had never been a fall. However, there was a fall and things are as they are today. But it should not stay forever in this kind of status quo. 

How do we restore positive results that have been lost?


One of the ways to come back to harmony with God and positive results is to ask God for forgiveness. This restores unity. Then a work with your thoughts begins. You have to clean your mind off all negative thoughts and invite positive ones to reign in your soul. That is the most important aspect in your life if you want to see stable positive results in all spheres of life. Positive thoughts start changing you inside out. They firstly reshape your whole mentality. The result of it is that you start seeing everything in a positive light. 

Positive changes start coming to all spheres of life


Then they start affecting your feelings and you start experiencing a large variety of positive feelings: love, joy, satisfaction, happiness and etc. Then, they become words and your speech changes. You no longer pronounce negative words, but positivity saturates your vocabulary. Your reactions to daily life situations, both bad and good, change. You start searching for positive aspects everywhere. Even when something terrible happens you don’t allow yourself to be overcome with grief for a long time, but try to see the event from future perspective and this gives you hope and encouragement. 

Positive results come to your relationships


You also start looking at others differently. You don’t criticize them for every mistake they make, but try to notice every good thing they do. So, as you look at people with the eyes of faith, they start liking you and they want to be with you for they know that you will not look upon them with a judgmental attitude but with a look of faith that will help them to rise from their limitations and failures. God bless you in doing that.
I hope you enjoyed positive thought for the day. 

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