Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thought of the day 28th of June 2011

Gift of time

Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time” by Jim Rohn. 

Gift of time is exhaustible


Gift of time is the topic of the post on the blog ‘Thought for the day’ today. There are a lot of great gifts that God has given us. Time is one of them. All of the gifts have been meant to be used properly and with wisdom. Time is the thing that we have a very small limit of. It is exhaustible. We won’t be on earth forever. One day we will have to leave it and go beyond. There won’t be time there, just everlasting eternity. However, we are here chained by time limits and we should be wise enough not to waste it. If you waste your time you also waste your life for life is made up of time. 

There are resources that are inexhaustible. You cannot say it about time. If you wasted ten years of your life without going after some target, but just living to satisfy your material needs you will never be able to get back that time. However, even if you have been killing your time, you can change and go in the opposite direction by saving your time and using it to your advantage. Let us look at some of the ways how you can use it.

Ways to spend your time

The first and most important thing is to spend time with your Creator in prayer. Some people say that in this life you have to prepare for the one that is to come. I quite agree with that. If you are coming back to your Creator you have to know Him. So spend some time talking to Him and listening to what He has to say to you. 

Find the purpose of your life. By saying that I mean your calling in life. Much has been said about it in my previous posts, so I do not want to expand on it again. You will never be happy if you don’t do what you have been called to. So, find your calling and go after it. 

Spend your time helping others. We are here on earth to help others, show them love. We are here to learn how to give. When you give life increases. This is an eternal universal principle that we should base our lives on. Don’t expect others to give to you before you do that. 

Spend time on developing relationships. People are far more important than things. That’s why you should be spending your time acquiring new friendships rather than acquiring new things. Things won’t bring you such satisfaction as people will and you will give others much greater blessings than things can give them. 

Spend time getting to know the world that God created. This point deals with your leisure time, holidays and the way you spend your free time. We need time to relax and enjoy life, without thinking about complicated stuff in our lives. A good way to do that is outside of cities and town. Get into nature, look how beautiful the world that God created is. This will benefit for other ways of spending your time as well. 

Hope you enjoy the post about gift of time.

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