Sunday, June 19, 2011


A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for” by William Shedd. 

Purpose in life is the topic of the post on the blog ‘Thought for the day’ today. Whether we admit it or not, we all need a purpose for our lives. There might be even more than one. However, you will never be able to get anywhere without having some goal in your mind. A target in life helps you to see what you want in life and possibly decide what steps you should take in order to achieve it. Let us try to look at the spheres of life where you definitely need a purpose and how to achieve that. 

Being in unity with God is the essence of human existence and purpose in life

Maybe you do not see that it is important, but I do. There is a call for eternity and Somebody greater in every human spirit. This tells me that we subconsciously feel that there is a God. That’s why so many religions of the world were born. People feel and believe that there is a Creator. If you asked two people what they think on the question you would probably get three answers. With proper respect to all religions I say that I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God that redeemed us from our sins and brings us into unity and harmony with God. If you want to have peace with God you have to believe in Jesus redemption. When you find this kind of peace all other purposes in life start falling into their proper places. 

Happiness is another purpose in life

It is natural for human beings to pursue happiness. God created us that way. Although it is a state that is mostly connected with our emotional states and a very temporary state, however we need those kinds of states each day. We are emotional beings and feelings are very important for us. We need to feel joy, love, peace and other positive emotions every day. You experience those things more often when you harbor thoughts of joy, love, peace and etc. for thoughts brings emotions after their kind. 

Going after your calling in life should be your life purpose

Whatever you think about your talents, capabilities and possibilities, you do have a vocation in life. I do not believe you will ever be satisfied without knowing what your calling is and without trying to fulfill that call in your life. Some people never find who they really are. I think they do not seriously search for it. There cannot be a greater sense of satisfaction when you know what to do and actually do it. Being yourself in the place that is meant for you is the purpose you should strive for. Don’t look at others. They have their own callings. Go after yours. 

Let helping others be one of your purposes in life

Egoism perverts life. Life is supposed to be flowing from us towards others, not only from others towards us. We do need attention, love and care from others, but if you get it and you never give it back for those you are around you and those who are desperate for it you are missing the mark. You are going against universal principles of life. In nature, where things are distorted by sin, you see the strong killing the weak and the weak serving the strong. It has never been meant to be that way. We are supposed to share the good that we have with those who lack it. Harmony in relationship will be a consequence of this kind of behavior. I do not want to be a utopian, but I believe all society could be different if everyone tried to follow the principle. God help us to do it.

How to find purpose in life?

I think this question has been answered in part, for I have talked about unity with God, seeking for happiness and helping other. A few ideas can be given in terms of searching for your vocation. A lot of people hate their jobs. On Sunday they shiver from the thought that they will have to go back to work on Monday. Statistics show that most people would not come back to their jobs if they won a lottery. Most people limit themselves by their very own thinking. They believe that they do not have other choice but to work for others and do what they actually hate. 

Nothing can be further from the truth. You can do what you want and make money doing that. Firstly you have to decide on what you would want to do. Think about it. Spend a lot of time dreaming about it and imagining yourself in that position, whether it is a job or your own business or working for nonprofit organization, or being on a mission. Then you can start thinking about the ‘how’. After spending a lot of times thinking about the thing will prepare you psychologically and help you to believe that it is possible. You might get ideas on the ‘how’ in the process too. 

I would also encourage you to read about people who have achieved their dreams. This will give you a lot of inspiration and motivate you to do the same. It can also give you additional ideas on the ‘how’ to do it. This will help you see yourself in a position of a winner and forget your past mistakes and failures. Read something along the lines every week. Make it a habit. I believe one day I will be reading your success story. 

I hope the post was helpful and useful for you and you have a better understanding about purpose in life. I do not want to expand on the topic for you will have to find your unique way how to do that. I will surely add more to the post when I get more ideas which I believe will be beneficial for you.

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