Friday, June 3, 2011

Thought for the day 3rd of June 2011

We are all here for some special reason. Stop being a prisoner of your past. Become the architect of your future” by Robin Sharma. 

Why do you think you are in this planet? What is your purpose in life? Are you here by accident? I believe we have to answer those questions for ourselves and the sooner we do it the better. Only after answering them we can lead a meaningful life and not exist like ‘vegetables’. I believe that both all humanity and each separate individual have specific purposes to achieve

Purposes that all humanity has to pursue are more general and they are: learn to love, believe; help those who are in needing, continue creating and progressing on the things that have been left for us by our predecessors. Each person should have more specific targets in life that would be unique for that particular individual. You cannot copy somebody else. If you do, you will be leading somebody else’s life. Specific targets may involve such things as: work you will do, country you will live in, family you create, friends you make, businesses you start and develop and many more. You have to spend time to find specific purpose in your life.

One thing that may hinder you (after you found what you want to do) is your past. By saying past I have in mind your past mistakes, failures, tragedies and other things that may have negatively impacted your self image and perspective for the future. Most people are not moving anywhere because they are bound to their past. Any time they want to make s step forward, reminiscences from the past arise in their memories and stop them from making the step they intended to make. In this way they become prisoners of their past. 

Don’t allow your past to control your future. Don’t allow it to bind your present. Past is dead and the only thing which is to come is your future. The only thing which you have now is the everlasting present. Why should you be killing your time by regretting something you cannot change anymore? Why should you concentrate on past mistakes if the past is gone? Situation has changed; you can make a difference today. Don’t cry over missed opportunities, but concentrate on the coming ones. 

Instead of stating the fact that you failed to do something in the past start creating the future that is to come. We only enter the future which we have created or the one that others drag us into. That’s how this world functions, if you don’t take control over your life, somebody else will do it on your behalf. There are not empty spaces in universe. If you are not a master over your life, somebody else will be. Start constructing your future today by means of thinking, visualization and positive affirmations. This will build a good platform for you to enter into the future that you want to have. Start today.

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