Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thought for the day 18th of June 2011

Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget” Randolf, G.

Can there be a good reason to leave your friends?

Leaving friends is the topic of the post on the blog ‘Thought for the day’ today. I have already written a post on friendship and how important true friends are for us. Today I would like to look at the theme from another angle. The idea is ‘do you ever have to leave your friends’? Most people talk about the beauty of relationship, but hardly ever talk about necessity of splitting up. It is a fact that people end their relationships and sometimes for a good reason. Let us try to look at those reasons now.

Leaving friends is a must when relationship is built on seeking benefits

If relationship is based on seeking benefits, it will not last long eventually people will split up. These kind of friendships last as long as there are some benefits in friendship and when those end, relationship ends. You should not seek benefit in being friend with somebody and you should not be friend with somebody who wants to be your friend just to gain some use from that. This kind of opportunism should not be supported in relationships, except in those types of relationships that are built on mutual business interests. 

Life changes and so do friends

Life is not static. Where we are today, may not be the place we have to be tomorrow. All of us have our callings in life and we should follow them. If we follow them, we might have change geographical places, people we mix with, interests, the way we spend time and many more. It will naturally sift out our friends. They will go their way, and we will go ours. Sounds cruel, but such is the reality. Some ties go, some ties remain. And very often we may form new ones. That does not mean we do not cherish friendships that we have now. It simply means that life is an ever changing process and relationships may also change. However, I quite agree with the author of the quote on the point that true friends are really difficult to forget. You will always remember them, even if you change your living place. 

Leaving friends becomes natural when you change your way of thinking

You also may change and leave friends when your way of thinking changes. I said ‘may’ for it does not necessarily have to be so. Let me explain what I have in mind. If you have found some principles of positive thinking and started applying them in your daily life, this may change your daily routine and lifestyle a lot. Now, if you used to mix with people who have no higher goals in life and are pretty skeptical about life in general, this change of yours may cause a conflict in your relationship. 

There could be a number of outcomes for the conflict. One is that you will keep on sharing your newly found beliefs and principles and your friends will accept them. Another outcome is that you will share those and they will reject you and you will have to find friends that share the same way of thinking. The last one is that your friends will talk you out of using the principles of positive thinking and you will come back to your way of life and keep the old friends. You decide which is better.  

These are the main reasons for leaving your friend. I hope you will find friends for a lifetime and will not experience the pain of splitting up. God bless you and your friends. 

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