Friday, June 17, 2011


Nothing is likely to help a person overcome or endure troubles than the consciousness of having a task in life” by Victor Frankl.

Difference between motivation and inspiration

Motivation is the topic of the post on the blog ‘Thought for the day’ today. It is the thing which you will definitely need if you want to achieve something serious in life. I am sure that it is more important than inspiration. Inspiration is usually short term and I think you cannot be inspired every single minute, due to the fact that it is very much connected with your emotions and you cannot keep your emotions on a very high tone all the time. Inspiration is is more connected to your emotional state while motivation is long term and is more connected to your vision, goals, targets and also logical thinking.

How people raise their motivation

All of us need vision and goals in life to keep us motivated. Folks go to various motivational seminars, buy and read motivational books, listen to tapes, CD’s and DVD’s and do a lot of other stuff to keep their motivation up. And I believe they are behaving right. There are a lot of means to do that. I have noticed that a lot of people today do not have any targets in life and they have no idea where they are going. It is a very serious problem. Some people admit that, some do not. Those who don’t, they usually exist by trying to enjoy life without looking forward to the future. Some kill their precious time by spending most of their time watching television, going to movies, chatting on computer and etc. I do not mean to say it is bad, but is it really good? 

Look at those who achieved a lot to increase your motivation

I don’t think so. Of course, if the person doesn’t really want anything in life except pleasure, then who am I to tell him that his choices in life are wrong? But if one seriously thinks about his future, there are certain steps to be taken in order to achieve what he wants. I believe we need to look at those who were and are really motivated and have achieved something serious in life. They can give us some useful pieces of advice. Those people have put their wisdom and life experience in their writings, motivational quotes, videos and etc. Read those books, watch those videos, learn how those people stayed motivated during tough times and did not give up their dreams. 

You will definitely find that faith in success was ever present in their lives. Whenever you lose faith that you can and will succeed, you also lose your motivation, for you cannot stay motivated if you do not believe in what you do. You will also learn how important setting of targets is. You might set too big or too small goals, but it is better to make mistakes than do nothing at all. You will finally learn how to have balance in what you do. So, start searching for sources of motivation today.

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