Monday, June 10, 2013

Initiative and hard work brings success

No matter what your current or future field of endeavor, whenever you take the initiative to make of yourself and your life what you will, and back it up, you’re in possession of special knowledge about how to succeed in the marketplace” by Chris Gardner

I enjoy reading the book by Chris Gardner “Start where you are”. He shares how he went from homeless to a successful Wall Street operator, excellent motivator and wonderful writer. One of the rules is that you have to take responsibility for your life and then take initiative to pursue what you want. When you start doing that you will understand that nothing in the world can replace hard work. That is essential key for our success. 

If you reject this aspect the only way for you to be successful is to win a lottery or marry a rich guy/girl. 

Of course, even when you work hard there will be trial and error, but when you finally make it you will have self confidence and nobody will be able to take that away from you. Even if you go bankrupt you will have courage and faith that you will succeed again. Let God inspires every one of us for hard work in our pursuits of success.

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