Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Everybody begins at the bottom

I understood that no matter what specialized skill you might attain, everybody had to start at the bottom, becoming familiar with basic nuts and bolts—that is, turning raw materials into finished goods. Along the way, you could move on to proficiency, either staying at that rung or developing a specialty. That, too, could become your highest conquered level of skill, or you could move further by diversifying and finding methods of innovation, and eventually you could arrive at mastery” by Chris Gardner.

It does not matter how big your dreams and targets are you will have to start from the first step to cover a journey of thousand miles. The same can be said about a career, success, relationships and any other area. You start building from ground floor and go up one floor at a time. You start from nothing and create your own masterpiece. Just do not give up on your way up. There is a huge difference between those who inherited wealth and those who made themselves. Experience teaches you to value things differently than those who just easily get everything. Do not despise small beginnings. All ‘giants’ have started their masterpieces in that way. There are no shortcuts to success.

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