Sunday, June 9, 2013

20 Deep random thoughts on life

I have not written a post for a long time. Well, decided to renew the posts. Somehow want to! For the start I decided to compile some deep thoughts on life. Some will be funny, so do not be surprised. Hope some will make you think. God bless you.

“You are still young when you have ‘first times’ left.”

“Do not search for meaning of life in the world. You can find it inside yourself.”

“If the person wants to be himself just for a minute he has to fly around his dearest memories in a moment”.

“To have too much wisdom and morality is harmful. These things start eating a person like cancer”.

“The one who imagines that all fruits get ripe at the same time as wild strawberries hasn’t got the slightest idea about grapes” by Mika Waltari. 

“The world is no more stable than the waves of the sea. It does not matter whether we fight or triumph or even suffer everything disappears soon like ink on the paper” by Arthur Golden. 

“Nowhere people get so much connected like playing music together” by Hermann Hesse. 

“Those that like travelling do not have imagination”. 

“A person dies not when he must, but when he can” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

“Some transgressions are also punishment in themselves” by Arundhati Roy.

“A conclusion is made when one gets lazy of thinking” from the manual of statistics. 

“Why should one speak briefly and clearly when one can do it in a complicated and wonderful way” from the manual of statistics. 

“The things you own end up owning you” from the move ‘Fight club’. 

“I am so diligently learning from my mistakes that mistakes have become not exceptions in my life, but a rule” by Sigitas Parulskis. 

“I would be swine to blame myself now, because I have nobody else besides me. What an idiot is cutting the branch he is sitting on”. 

“God died” by Friedrich Nietzsche. “Nietzsche died” by God. 

“Truth is always more simple than a lie and it does not matter how complicated it is, because it is and a lie has to be made up and well constructed” by Ricardas Gavelis. 

“If you are forced to do something you are merely a victim of spiritual dictatorship. It is much worse if you are given freedom and you continue doing what you have been doing”. 

“All real searches are devilish. All inventions are made on the threshold of insanity”. 

“I do not believe in accidents. Everything that happens is already predetermined”. 

“Despair is an overwhelming feeling of helplessness overpowering you when the world does not look the same as it should be, when you fail to fulfill your desires, and when you want to, but fail to change your life and when you no longer want to act, create or even live. A depressed person often seems to be the victim of unfavorable and intolerable circumstances. But despair is our state of mind. Circumstances may have an effect on it, but they do not determine how we we see the world and our future.”

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