Friday, August 31, 2012

How to deal with negative thoughts

I bet all of us have found ourselves thinking the very thoughts we want least in our heads. These negative thoughts just invade our minds and do not leave us alone. The more we try to quench them or get rid of them the stronger they become. You should not be surprised by that. Suppressing those negative thoughts actually make them stronger and cause you to generate or store up a lot of negative energy inside of you.  What should you do then? Let us quickly look at that. The post will not be very extensive, but it will give you a few ideas on the subject. 

1. Do not try to fight with those thoughts.

It is a battle that you will surely lose. For one reason or another, those thoughts find place in your mind and you have to deal with the cause not the effect of the problem.

2. Direct your attention elsewhere. 

By fighting the thoughts you give them too much attention and by giving them your attention you give them your more power over you. Direct your attention elsewhere. Start thinking about things that really interest you! 

3. Do not be afraid of those negative thoughts.

Fear will not help you. Understand this. A thought will not harm you in any way if you don’t allow it to. You are the master of your thoughts. Even the best and the most moral people occasionally have ugly thoughts. They do not concentrate on them. You shouldn’t too!

4. Fill your mind with nice images.

If you cannot imagine something nice yourself go to Google and search for some nice images of nature: waterfalls, jungles, exotic birds, mountains, clouds, oceans, lakes, rivers or the places that you have always wanted to visit. The negative stuff will go away really fast. 

5. Listen to calm and nice music.

Thoughts come in various forms. They may come in words and images. But they can also come in the form of music. Music or art is a form of speaking. So, you just listen to those who have spoken their hearts and minds to others in the form of music and other forms of art and get a dose of good emotions, feelings and thoughts. 

Ok, I believe that if you follow just a few of those tips you will be able to replace all of your negative thoughts with positive ones. Always remember that you are the master of your thoughts. Let it be so!

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