Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy thoughts

Happy thoughts is the topic of the post on the blog ‘Thought for the day’ today. Happiness is something that most of us strive for and very few of us achieve it. This is probably due to the fact that majority of people have wrong understanding of what the thing is and how it can be attained. Most have a completely false conception about the state. None of us can be happy all the time. It is not something that you bought and you own it for the rest of your life. It probably has very little to do with the things that we own, but more with the attitude that we have. 

1. In order to attain and keep happiness you must entertain an optimistic approach to everything that surrounds you, happens to you, everything that you have achieved so far, everything that you own and everything that you do. I probably talk too much on the topic in my posts, but having a positive frame of mind is a daily battle that you have to be ready to fight every single day. Why? Because there are forces, people, circumstances and etc. that will try to take this attitude away from you and drag you into a mire of negativity where majority of people spend their lives. I hope you do not want to stay in that type of place for the rest of your life. You will probably get there from time to time, but be sure to pick yourself up and go out for this does not have to be your life. 

2. Have true friends. Communication and communion are at the core elements in order to achieve happiness. We were meant for each other and cannot live without being with others and sharing our lives with them. Sharing your life with someone is probably the essence of family. It is not just expanding your family tree. It is receiving another person into your life and entering his/her life. That’s how two lives become one. A much bigger one than the two individuals would have living separately! 

3. Learn to enjoy what you do and what you have to do. We may not like our present job and we will probably change it one day. However, in most situations you will not be able to make sudden changes. It takes time to find a new and better job, or start your own business. In the meantime, you have to learn to have fun doing what you are doing. Find the meaning in your job. Try to see how you can help others doing it. Stop saying to yourself that you hate it. It will not help, but only make things worse. Put your heart into it even if you will not see great financial benefit from it. Greatness starts with a great attitude. So, before you arrive at something greater than you have now, you have to become great by means of your approach and attitude. 

4. Do not envy others. Trust that what is yours will come to you. If we believe that there is God, we should also trust that He has a good plan for everybody. Not only for others, but also for us! And He has the best possible plan for you. You have to believe that. It will take your desire, efforts, patience and endurance to achieve it. You will have a lot of failures and make a lot of mistakes along the way, but you should not get disappointed. Making mistakes is part of growing up process. God will take care that His plans for you will be fulfilled. If you do not give up along the path!

5. Base your life and choices on eternal Biblical principles. People who keep on breaking eternal principles that God established before creation of the world end up ruining their lives. Happiness is not possible if we are not in harmony with those principles. And it will likely come if we follow those. They will not restrict your freedom, or rights, but will protect them. They will only restrict your sinful desires. It may sound contradictory, but if you consider yourself a mature personality you will agree that self control is obligatory if we want everybody to enjoy personal freedom, not just a few special ones. 

Hope you enjoy the post on happy thoughts.

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